Sidewalks & Driveway Paving in Winnipeg

If you look at your driveway and sigh, wishing that you could make it look more modern and appealing, then you've come to the right place. St. Boniface Landscaping and Paving stone have helped homeowners improve their Winnipeg driveways, sidewalks, and landscapes for over 25 years. Call us to begin improving your driveway today.

In particular, we're proud to offer our paving stone driveways in Winnipeg. We adopted this driveway paving technique because we believe that every part of your property should look fantastic. Concrete slabs just don't cater to most homes' architectural styles as well as other options do, such as Roman Holland or other pavers. Learn more about our paving capabilities below.

Depend on Us to Make Your Winnipeg Driveway Stylish and Unique

We offer driveway paving options that include diverse patterns, multiple types of paving stones, various colors, and many styles. We can accommodate any style preference, no matter how unusual, intricate, or complex. Your driveway will become an attractive asset to your yard instead of a generic feature.

Additionally, we can build structures that accent your driveway, including walkways and retaining walls. Or, if you want to construct a covered portion of your driveway, we can assist you in the planning process. We will gladly help you design a driveway that your entire Winnipeg neighborhood will envy.

To learn more about our capabilities, click through to our gallery page or our work page, where you'll find examples of our past projects.

Contact Us to Begin Building Your Ideal Driveway

You don't have to settle for a generic driveway on your property. Begin designing your new driveway paving project today by calling St. Boniface Landscape and Pavingstone at 1 (204) 781-2962. We can travel anywhere in Winnipeg or the surrounding areas to help you make your pavement project a reality.